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Fran Altvater
Hillyer Humanities/A&S Art History

I use wikis for students to make a collective note sheet of lecture material. I post lecture outline with images (art history classes) and they add lecture notes. It prompts engagement more often with the material and gives them a good study guide at test times. I've used PBWorks and now Blackboard 9's version.

R.J. McGivney

I have students use WIKIS as a central repository for all of their coursework. The WIKI allows students to integrate sound, video, links to otherwise static text. The WIKI also allows me to make electronic comments directly to their assignments. I've also used PBWorks and now Blackboard 9's version.

Patricia Mellodge
CETA, Electrical and Computer Engineering

I have used wikis as a project management tool and a means to improve collaborative writing. The wikis have been generated and maintained by students as a group with little input from me, other than feedback about the content as discussed in class. I have used Wikispaces (this site).

Patricia Nodoushani
Barney, Dept. of Accounting & Taxation

I have used wikis a lot in my graduate tax classes and have found that they work well. The students generate different projects in teams and I can oversee the creation of the projects as they go and make comments. Also, each student has to comment on all other projects on the wiki and they help each other out with subject matter. It also helps students know what is expected as they can see other groups work on their projects too.

Laura Pence
A&S Department of Chemistry

I have used a series of wikis in my environmental course and have found them to be excellent for group work since I can use the History tracker to determine who contributed what to the wiki. I used essay questions on the exams to make sure that the students read each others' wikis, and the students and I all liked these projects better than term papers.