Microsoft PowerPoint

To add your name to this page, click on the Edit button in the upper right corner and begin typing in the text box. Be sure to include the following details:

  • Name
  • University email
  • Campus extension (optional)
  • College/Department
  • Any other details we should know

Note: If you have experience using Clickers/Personal Response Systems with PowerPoint, please add your contact information to the Clickers page.

  • Name: Jay Stewart
  • University email:
  • Campus extension (optional): 4331
  • College/Department: Sociology
  • Any other details we should know: I know most of the basics and a little on animation of slides.

  • Name: Amanda Carlson
  • University email:
  • College/Department: Art History/A&S
  • Any other details we should know: Experience dealing with images, design, inserting digital media.

  • Name Pam Weaver
  • University email
  • College/Department Barney Accounting and Taxation